Coming soon: After the Crisis Coaching!

Like all of us, I’ve endured trauma and crises in my life. Consciously or unconsciously, we adopt behaviors which we think protect us from the emotional, physical or spiritual pain of these events. 


The coping tool I used was alcohol. What started out as a way to “catch my breath” to deal with anxiety, slowly became a habit that was impacting my life in negative ways. Alcohol was damaging my relationships, my parenting, my looks and my self-respect. I didn't know how to manage this ever-growing monkey on my back. Even when I would go alcohol-free, I didn't feel free. I was frustrated because I still wanted to drink. And I was resentful, because I wanted the relaxation alcohol had provided. I knew my core values, and not one of them was represented when I was drinking. I felt inauthentic and stuck. Why could I succeed in other areas of life, but not control this one thing?

Eventually, I learned that trauma and stress were at the root of my drinking. That's when I did the work to heal. I incorporated TNM methodology and the results were miraculous. I am now in charge of alcohol; it is no longer in charge of me!

Can you relate? Have stressful life events left you pouring more than you know you should? Are you embarrassed that you can't control this one area of your life? I get it! I never imagined I could live without alcohol during or after a crisis, but I am, and it feels so empowering.

Together, we will help you drop the shame and build the future you deserve; a future where YOU make the decisions.

Contact me for a free discovery call and find out how you can take back control over alcohol.