Why it’s Okay to Grieve the Loss of the Familiar During a Pandemic with Darlene Garcia

On today’s episode of After the Crisis, grief recovery specialist Darlene Garcia shares how she helps others heal from the fear and overwhelm of grief. Listen in as Darlene and Victoria discuss how trauma is associated with grief, how we are unified in our grief experiences, and simple ways that you can break through the myths that are keeping you stuck in the grief process.

Darlene is currently an advanced specialist and delivers the Grief Recovery Method through the online program and the 2-day personal workshops, not just on Guam but around the globe. She is a global speaker passionate about giving grief a voice and a Life Coach with a focus on Self Love which allows her to continue to help grievers move from recovery to discovery.

Walking this journey as a widow by teaching the Grief Recovery Method continues to allow Darlene to honor her husband's memory while helping other's heal and find purpose and meaning in their own lives.

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