Using Lessons Learned from Personal Trauma to Serve Others with Betty Lara

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Today on After the Crisis, executive director of Glory House of Miami Betty Lara shares how she utilizes the skills learned from the healing of her own trauma to serve others. Join Victoria and Betty as they discuss human trafficking and how traffickers seek out vulnerable women, how to humbly accept a calling to serve a higher purpose, and how Glory House of Miami is bring hope and services to adult women survivors of sex trafficking.

Betty worked in the corporate business world for more than 30 years. During that tenure she managed large accounts, established project guidelines, implemented internal information technology needs, and set up support structures in several major U.S. corporations. Consequently, she opened her own Real Estate Development business and was in charge of all the Operational development.

After working for many years in the business world, she shifted to assisting the Senior and Executive pastors of a large church in Miami-Dade.

Betty has traveled extensively with her husband Dr. Rene Pelleya-Kouri on mission trips to Cuba, Ecuador, Switzerland, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Pakistan, Uganda, and Brazil and Mexico. They support an orphanage of 175 children and two homes for survivors of human trafficking through Watooto Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa.

As Executive Director for Glory House of Miami, Betty has taken all the experience she has gained throughout the years to build the internal structure for Glory House of Miami. The organization offers a safe home for survivors of human trafficking as well as a Drop In Center “Restored Masterpiece” that provides services to non-resident survivors for their healing and restoration. Glory House also through street outreach assists survivors get out of the life of trafficking and helps them get into a safe place where they can heal and receive services.

Glory House of Miami is a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to serving rescued adult survivors (18 TO 28 years old) of Human Trafficking. We have a long-term residential program and a Drop in/Community Center where we offer wrap around services such as medical care, spiritual guidance, mental health care, social services, legal support, reintegration, education, art, vocational training, and job and life skills training. Our mission is to provide a safe place for healing and restoration to those who have been broken by abuse. In addition, we do street outreach to give hope to the women that are being trafficked and prostituted. We visit porn websites and get information of women that are being sold and we call them to offer them hope and free services. We work with Law Enforcement, Victim Advocates, Violence Shelters, and other community organizations in a network to combat Human Trafficking. We strive to educate the community through Trafficking Awareness Events, Social Media, and the “Hands That Heal” training curriculum in an effort to bring an end to the abuse and exploitation caused by Human Trafficking. Glory House would greatly benefit in joining a citywide initiative to end human trafficking in Miami.

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