How Your Emotional Intelligence Helps Navigate Relationships After a Crisis with Kris Macc

On this episode of After the Crisis, emotional intelligence expert Kris Macc shares her best advice for navigating social relationships while grieving and healing. Listen in as Victoria and Kris discuss how to ask for what you need, using the 90-10 rule in social situations, and dealing with others who are uncomfortable with grief.

Kris Macc (Kris Macchiarola), Ed.S. is the founder and president of KMACC SOLUTIONS, a consulting firm specializing in emotional intelligence and leadership development in the workplace. As a consultant, speaker, and coach, she has worked with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies, non-profits, and universities. She believes in the power of women supporting women! Kris lives in Tampa with her family. She loves traveling and practicing yoga in her spare time.

You can connect with Kris via Linkedin: or via her website:

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