Embracing Your Faith During and After Trauma with Vance Johnson

On today’s episode of After the Crisis, Vance Johnson shares his journey from the world of being a professional athlete to the depths of addiction and the hope of recovery through faith. Listen in as Victoria and Vance discuss focusing on the bigger picture, finding your identity through Christ, rebounding to old coping habits after trauma, and starting each day with gratitude.

Vance Johnson is a former professional football player with the Denver Broncos.

He made three Super Bowl appearances, and is a world class athlete, and a recovering alcoholic/addict.

Reclaiming my faith and redeemed, it is his purpose and passion to inspire those who like him, finding themselves powerless broken and looking for a breakthrough. His is now partnering with Oglethorpe Inc. to help those around the country in need of recovery.

You can connect with Vance via his website:

If you have experienced a crisis and are looking for a place to share your story and gain support, join the After the Crisis with Victoria community here. You can also subscribe to the podcast for future episodes.

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