How to Reintegrate Into Society After a Trauma with Timothy Harrington

On today’s episode of After the Crisis, addiction and recovery specialist Timothy Harrington shares his thoughts on the value of understanding behavior and how that knowledge with serve us as we reopen society post-pandemic. Join Victoria and Timothy as they discuss understanding vs. controlling behavior, staying in the moment, and understanding what you value most.

Tim is the founder & Chief Inspiration Officer of Family Addiction Recovery Mentorship Services, Sustainable Recovery Renovention® Services, Inc., and LaunchPad Colorado Discover Your Purpose Services® & finally Co-founder of Wide Wonder ZERO Stigma Education Services. Tim is a loud and persistent voice in the field of mental and emotional health advocacy, addiction treatment, and recovery. He is an active participant in the movement to reduce social stigma related to substance use disorder as well as emotional and mental health injury. The goal of his most important role so far, as co-founder of Wide Wonder, is to create the first ZERO Stigma city in America! His professional mission as an addiction recovery coach, Renoventionist™, and family recovery support specialist is to meet family members/parents with a struggling loved one exactly where they are and attend to their particular needs. He does this with a personalized and comprehensive, continuum of support strategy, that includes modern, relevant, and comprehensive family recovery education, training and ongoing support. Addiction is a family (societal) issue. There​ is a family (societal) solution.

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