How to Support and Connect with Survivors after a Crisis with Caylei Vogelzang

On today’s episode of After the Crisis, wellbeing advocate and Chief of Cancer Wellness magazine Caylei Vogelzang shares why she is dedicated to provide resources and support for those living with cancer. Join Victoria and Caylei as they discuss making the recovery process relatable through stories, how to navigate the initial shock of a diagnosis, and how to support those who are immunocompromised during the pandemic.

As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Wellness magazine and Director of Business Strategy at Vogelzang Law, Caylei Vogelzang applies her leadership ability and experience to help those affected by cancer. In both her personal and professional life, Caylei strives to champion and support causes for which she feels strongly about, with overall human health and wellness topping the list. As Director of Business Strategy at Vogelzang Law, Caylei oversees the general operations of the firm, marketing and PR efforts, charitable initiatives, and community outreach. She aims to grow and expand Vogelzang Law’s community presence as well as connect to new potential clients affected by mesothelioma and provide them with a smooth and transparent legal process. In 2017, Caylei formed Cancer Wellness magazine, and the magazine’s first issue debuted in July of 2018. An enlightened lifestyle magazine, Cancer Wellness consolidates wellness resources and offers a public forum for the exchange of stories from the many faces of cancer. Cancer Wellness’ unique mix of health, wellness, beauty, and medical innovations provides all the essentials for an ever-growing community to thrive with and beyond the scope of cancer. Caylei lives in Lincoln Park with her husband Nick, son Chase, and bins of yoga mats.

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